Bun B hates me.

It was the night of the big show. Texas legend Bun-B of the colossal rap group UGK was set to perform in Fort Worth for his first time in a long time (if not the first time ever). I was booked to be the act opening up right before him. I received a text from the promoter asking if I could find Bun and his squad some ganja for their time here in funky town. My response? You called the right man my friend we keep that octane on deck! Excitement washed over me. Would I get to meet Mr. Bun himself, possibly even smoke a sweet with him?? This guy was a superstar in the rap game as I was growing up and I was a fan. Networking with a legend was within my grasp! I pulled a fat sack from my personal stash of Gelato ( not the ice cream kind haha) and prepared to shoot out to the venue.

I left a little bit early so that I could try and hang out with the cool kids. When I arrived I walked through the back entrance ignoring the stale fumes of last nights cigarettes. The smell of whiskey in the air had me drunk with anticipation. I met with the promoter and he took me upstairs and back into a VIP room where Bun and his DJ were chilling at. When I walked into the room Bun was off to the left on a laptop with his back facing me and his DJ was in the corner of the room chilling in a lounge chair. I stood at the doorway for a moment unsure of who to speak to like a teenager at the dmv for the first time.


I started to get the impression that Bun didn't want to be disturbed so I casually walked over to the corner with his DJ and sat next to him. "Whats up bro? My names WEIGHT. Whats up fam, Bone, Im Buns Dj." Houston we have just made contact. I sat and chopped it up with Bone for a bit all the while wondering if Bun was ever going to turn around and say something. Then.....out of nowhere in a flash..........he left. Walked right out of the room haha and didn't say a word, not even a glance. I thought to myself.......nooooooooooooooo. Bun B hates me (well maybe I was a little dramatic) but nonetheless it was a little disappointing. His DJ Bone was super cool though. We rolled one up and smoked out the room having a good conversation in the process.

Not much longer after I was called downstairs to run soundcheck. There were a couple acts for the night so soundcheck ended up taking a little longer than planned. After a couple guys ran their sets, I was just about to run mine and was told by the promoter to hang back and wait, Bun was ready to do his sound check. As instructed, I chilled out on the back wall of the stage while Bun ran through his set. Although only a mere 7 feet from me, there was still no acknowledgment of existence from the man. I thought well, royalties royalty, one day Ill make the upper echelon. It didn't seem like he talked to much of anyone throughout the night so at this point I wasn't taking it personal, I just concluded Bun was a trill OG stiff mf who didnt do the small talk.

After his soundcheck he walked past me and off the stage. I started to move toward the DJ for my own soundcheck when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Bun had stopped a few feet from the side of the stage. I glanced over at him, he turned around and started walking toward me. I thought hmmmm he must have forgotten his flash drive or something. Then he stopped right in front of me and asked, "Was that your herb that we got earlier?" I replied," Yes sir it was." and he said, " Yo dat shit was fire, Thank you." Then he turned around and casually walked off. At last! Communication with the legend! It wasn't much, but in the stoners circle a compliment of your weed and a thank you (especially from someone of such a caliber) is worth a thousand conversations. The rest of the night went off without a hitch and the show went great. Bun ran through not only his own classics but also some of the UGK classics aswell. It was a packed house with solid energy and I was super humbled to grace the stage with a Texas legend. You can check out my performance below.

If you like the songs you hear in my performance you might also consider checking out Underdog. It’s my latest album and it’s full of solid hip hop that I like to think would make the trill OG proud. One.

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